Friday, February 4, 2011

NOSE - Your Self Recognition

Welcome to my body-wisdom blog.  Each day I have picked a body-wisdom card from my forthcoming book "Suzy Prudden's Body Wisdom Book and Cards."  Like a Tarot card, Body Wisdom gives you suggestions for the issues of the day and an affirmation to facilitate moving beyond those issues. 


The Nose Represents Self-Recognition.

Life Issues For The Nose Include How You See Yourself In the World and How Comfortable You Are With That Vision.

(These are to be used if you have consistent nose issues – like allergies – of if you have issues with the size and or shape of your nose. Or if you have a negative perspective of yourself which is recognized if you constantly say negative things about yourself.)

It's Now Okay To Be Comfortable With Myself In The World.


Your nose represents self-recognition, how you see yourself in the world and how comfortable you are with that vision. It also indicates whether or not you want to be noticed or if you prefer to be invisible. The nose symbolizes your ability to know what you want and to get what you need. In addition, your nose represents your ability to “sniff out” information or if you have a "nose for news." The nose often acts as a barometer for intuitive information about safety. In contrast, your nose may also indicate an unhealthy inclination to gossip, to stick your nose in other people's business. People who are inclined to the dark side of the nose are called, "nosey." If you constantly say negative things about yourself you may want to use nose affirmations to change your self-esteem issues.

If you have drawn the Nose Card you may want to look at how you are presenting yourself to the world. Not only how you see yourself but they way you want to be seen. Do you want to be noticed? Are you noticed? Do you want to be invisible? Are you invisible? Are you getting what you want and need? If not what is getting in your way? Do you trust your judgment? Are you prone to sticking your nose in other people's business? Do you gossip to your own disadvantage?

To work with Nose Issues ask your Higher Self what you need to know about the way you are presenting yourself in your world at this time. You do this by writing your question with your dominant hand and writing your answer with your non-dominant hand. Your question can be as simple as, “What do I need to know about the way I present myself to other people?” When you have an answer ask your Higher Self what you need to do to be more comfortable with yourself in the world. Do not judge the answers. Do not get in your own way with doubts about your ability to do whatever comes to your mind. Simply write down what comes to you. You can ask as many questions in this area as you wish, but the last question should always be, “What else do I need to know today?”

Your affirmation for today is, “It's now okay to be comfortable with myself in the world.”  Write the affirmation on a 3 x 5 card. Carry it with you, rather than posting it somewhere, and read it numerous times during the day. (If you post it, it will soon become invisible to you and you will get no benefit from it.)

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