Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MOUTH - The Gateway For Nourishment and Expression

Welcome to my body-wisdom blog. Each day I have picked a body-wisdom card from my forthcoming book "Suzy Prudden's Body Wisdom Book and Cards." Like a Tarot card, Body Wisdom gives you suggestions for the issues of the day and an affirmation to facilitate moving beyond those issues.


The Mouth Is The Gateway For Nourishment And Expression.

Life issues for the Mouth include whether or not you are able to express yourself in ways that can be plainly understood, whether you are willing to express yourself at all. Whether you are willing to accept nourishment in all areas of your life. With the exception of air, all nourishment passes through the mouth before it can get anywhere else.

(These are to be used if you have health issues regarding the mouth and whether these health issues involve failure to express what needs to be said, or failure to accept nourishment in the way of healthy food and drink that affects your other body parts.)

It's Now Okay To Nourish And Express Myself Safely And Effectively.


Your Mouth is the gateway for nourishment and expression. Problems with the mouth concern whether you are able to effectively express what is going on in your mind, for without that expression stress builds up inside your body that is often expressed with mouth problems. The mouth contains the teeth which break down ideas, and start the process of digestion which disperses nourishment to all parts of your body. Your gums, which are also part of your mouth, support the break down of ideas which could not happen without the ability to break down even the most difficult of ideas. And finally the mouth contains the tongue which helps in moving nourishment to the digestive tract and helps in the coordination of the expression of ideas.

When you draw the Mouth Card you are being asked to look at the two areas of nutrition and expression. Are you allowing yourself to say what needs to be said in given situations, are you allowing yourself to express your ideas in ways in which they can be clearly understood? Are you holding back from expressing your ideas and is this resulting in stress in your life? The mouth is also involved in nourishment for the whole body. Nourishment enters, is broken down and passed on to the rest of the body. Of course everything you put in your mouth isn't nourishment so the quality of what you allow into your mouth has great important as well as the process of passing it into your body. Disease of the mouth can be effected by the nourishment your feed your body as well.

To work with Mouth Issues ask your Higher Self what you need to know about how you are expressing yourself and whether you are expressing what needs to be expressed. Also ask if you are expressing yourself in ways that are easy for others to understand and if not what has to happen to facilitate that expression. How are you taking in nourishment, are you taking in foods that are not nourishing and why? Is your body responding well to the foods and nourishment you take in through your mouth? Write Your questions with your dominant hand. Write your answers with your non-dominant hand. When you have an answer, ask your Higher Self what you need to do to shift your any negatives when it comes to expression or nutrition so that you are supported in a positive way. Do not judge the answers. Do not get in your own way with doubts about your ability to do whatever comes to your mind. Simply write down what comes to you. The last question of every session should be, "What else do I need to know today?"

Your affirmation for today is, “It's now okay to nourish and express myself safely and effectively.” Write the affirmation on a 3 x 5 card. Carry it with you, rather than posting it somewhere, and read it numerous times during the day. (If you post it, it will soon become invisible to you and you will get no benefit from it.)

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