Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Body Wisdom Reading October 2, 2011

LARYNX the body part linked to protection for taking in life fully and for being heard when you communicate. October 2nd is the number 7 day the day of religion, metaphysics and spirituality.

When you draw the Larynx on a seven day you are being asked to look at how you communicate your religion or spirituality. Do you feel heard when you communicate? Do you feel as if your personal spiritual path (even if your spiritual path is the choice not to have a spiritual path) is protected from the beliefs of others? Do you feel that you are living life fully within the context of your spiritual pursuits or do you in some ways feel that you are limited in the way you are living and you would like something different?

Affirmation for the day: It is now okay to release fear and live fully.

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