Thursday, October 6, 2011

Body Wisdom Daily Reading October 6, 2011


Listening to and acting on your intuition so you can protect yourself in negative situations. October 6th is a number 2 day - the day of partnership.

When you draw the Lymphatic System on a partnership day you are being asked to look at your tendency not to pay attention to your intuition within partnerships and relationships of all kinds. Not paying attention to your intuition leaves you open to unpleasant surprises. Your intuition is a small, almost quiet, voice that warns you when someone is not telling the truth, when you should pay attention to what is going on around you, when someone is acting out of integrity. Very often it flies in the face of what you want to be your reality. Listen and pay attention today.

Affirmation for the day: It's now okay to be proactive in my life.

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