Saturday, April 23, 2011

FOURTH TOE - Creative Power And Self-Expression

Welcome to my body-wisdom blog. Each day I have picked a body-wisdom card from my forthcoming book "Suzy Prudden's Body Wisdom Book and Cards." Like a Tarot card, Body Wisdom gives you suggestions for the issues of the day and an affirmation to facilitate moving beyond those issues.


The Fourth Toe Represents Creative Power and Self-Expression

Life issues for the fourth toe include whether or not you are exercising your creativity and self-expression alone or in a group and whether that choice works for you.

(These are to be used if you have physical or emotional pain in either of your fourth toes or if your choice to express creative in a group or alone is good for you.)

It's Now Okay To Move Myself Forward Creatively In The Best Way For Me.


The Fourth Toe represents your creative power, self-expression and your ability to merge with others or to remain autonomous.

When you draw the Fourth Toe Card you are being asked to look at your opportunities and your choice in the way you have chosen to exercise your creativity. Does working in a group make more sense to you or does working alone work better? If you find that your choice is not working for you, perhaps now is the time to make a change. Pay particular attention to whether you actually want to be committed to the things you have chosen in your life. Are you going in the direction you have chosen because it's easier to go in that direction than make a chance? What has to happen in your life for you to change?

To work with Fourth Toe Issues ask your Higher Self what you need to know about how you feel about the way you are expressing your creativity. If your message is that you are in the right place, continue. If the message is that you would be happier in a different way of being, ask your self what has to happen for you to make the changes you want. Write the questions about what you need to change with your dominant hand, write your answers with your non-dominant hand. When you have an answer, ask your Higher Self. Do not judge the answers. Do not get in your own way with doubts about your ability to do whatever comes to your mind. Simply write down what comes to you. You can do this more than once. "Your last question of each session should be, "What else do I need to know today?"

Your affirmation for today is, “It's now okay to move myself forward creatively in the best way for me. Write the affirmation on a 3 x 5 card. Carry it with you, rather than posting it somewhere, and read it numerous times during the day. (If you post it, it will soon become invisible to you and you will get no benefit from it.)

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