Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ABDOMEN - Safeguard Thoughts and Ideas

Welcome to my body-wisdom blog. Each day I have picked a body-wisdom card from my forthcoming book "Suzy Prudden's Body Wisdom Book and Cards." Like a Tarot card, Body Wisdom gives you suggestions for the issues of the day and an affirmation to facilitate moving beyond those issues.


Your Abdomen Represents The Ability To Safeguard Thoughts And Ideas.

Life issues for the abdomen include whether or not you are listening to your "gut feelings."

(These are to be used if you have built up weight around your abdomen, have pain or medical problems in the abdominal area or whether you feel that your creative ideas may be threatened or blocked in some way. Abdomen is not exactly the same as stomach which digests ideas.)

It's Now Okay To Trust My Thoughts And Ideas And Know That I Am Safe.


Your abdomen represents your ability to safeguard thoughts and ideas – your inner creativity. It is also symbolic of your intuition – your “gut feelings.” A building up of extra weight on the abdomen shows there is a blockage in your life. You might be feeling trapped, stuck or unable to move in or out of a certain situation. Fear is causing you to deny your self. Denial is the blockage causing the pain, disease or weight. Abdominal pain, disease or weight-gain may also indicate an inability to bring your thoughts and ideas to fruition. Dis-ease in the abdominal area may mean that you are unwilling, or unable to listen to, respect and honor your intuition. That may play out in your life as knowing that “bad” things might happen, but failing to listen to that inner voice which results in trouble for you. Pain, disease or weight gain may reflect blockage in your career goals. Weight gain in the abdominal area, in particular, is indicative of the development of heart disease which indicates that your inability to move your life forward is impacting on your center of love and empowerment.

When you draw the Abdomen Card you are being asked to examine the blockages and fears that are keeping you from fully expressing your thoughts and ideas and bringing those thoughts and ideas to fruition. It also asks you to pay attention to those instances in which you don’t listen to your own inner knowing and fail to protect yourself in your life. Pay particular attention to instances in which your desire to be liked, to be accepted, interferes with your need to protect yourself proactively. Ask yourself: Where do you feel that you need protection? What is causing you to deny and express your true self? What has to happen for you to listen to your small inner voice – your intuition?

To work with issues of the Abdomen, ask your Higher Self about what you need to know in the area of safeguarding your thoughts and ideas, so that you feel safe and protected in developing or expressing them. You may also ask about where you are experiencing blockages in your life and what you need to do to release them. Finally, ask your Higher Self what has to happen in order to trust yourself when you have a hunch that you should or shouldn’t do something and particularly what has to happen so that you can consistently act on your hunches rather than pushing them away so that you get into trouble or fail to do something that will advance your life, your relationships, or your career.

When you have an answer, ask your Higher Self what you need to do to shift your need to protect your thoughts and ideas so that you may more fully express them openly and fully and release any blockages you may be experiencing. Also ask what has to happen for you to listen to, and honor, your inner guidance? Do not judge the answers. Do not get in your own way with doubts about your ability to do whatever comes to your mind. Simply write down what comes to you.

Your affirmation for today is, “It's now okay to trust my thoughts and ideas and know that I am safe.” Write the affirmation on a 3 x 5 card. Carry it with you, rather than posting it somewhere, and read it numerous times during the day. (If you post it, it will soon become invisible to you and you will get no benefit from it.)

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