Thursday, June 23, 2011

BIG TOE - Follow Through on My Interests

Welcome to my body-wisdom blog. Each day I have picked a body-wisdom card from my forthcoming book "Suzy Prudden's Body Wisdom Book and Cards." Like a Tarot card, Body Wisdom gives you suggestions for the issues of the day and an affirmation to facilitate moving beyond those issues.


The Big Toe Represents Personal Will Combined With Follow Through.

Life issues for the Big Toe include whether or not you are following through on the things that you yourself want to do. Other areas are about how you are responding to others, this toe represents how you are responding to yourself.

(These are to be used if you have physical pain, injury or disease involving the big toe or if you have difficulty motivating yourself to follow through in the areas of what you want.)

It's Now Okay To Leave Nothing Unnoticed or Unfulfilled.


Your Big Toe represents your personal will and how you follow through on what you want and what you are interested in. Other personal will issues involve how you respond to others - by ignoring what you want in favor of their interests - the big toe is about following through yourself in your own interest.

When you draw the Big Toe Card you are being asked to look at whether or not you follow through with regard to your life, your work, your relationships and the things you are commitment to as they pertain to you yourself. Pay particular attention to whether you actually follow through on those areas that pertain to you. If, for example, you make or fail to make the calls that will advance your chosen work so that you sabotage your business or work. If you sabotage your relationship by not following through on things you say you're going to do and pay a personal price. Any time you fail to act on your own behalf and pay a price for failing to follow through. Even when involved with the interests of other, if you fail to do something that costs you personally, you are having difficulty with big toe issues.

To work with Big Toe Issues ask your Higher Self what you need to know about how you are following through when it comes to the things you say you are committed to in every area, and what that follow through gains you or costs you. The big toe issues affect any of the major areas of your life. If you are not following through and are paying a price for that failure, what has to happen for you get active following through going forward? Write your questions with your dominant hand. Write your answers with your non-dominant hand. When you have an answer, ask your Higher Self what you need to do to make changes in your follow up in the area that is important to you. Do not judge the answers. Do not get in your own way with doubts about your ability to do whatever comes to your mind. Simply write down what comes to you. the final question in every session should be, "What else do I have to know today?"

Your affirmation for today is, “It's now okay to leave nothing unnoticed or unfulfilled.” Write the affirmation on a 3 x 5 card. Carry it with you, rather than posting it somewhere, and read it numerous times during the day. (If you post it, it will soon become invisible to you and you will get no benefit from it.)

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